Lorissa Scriven

Lorissa grew up in a

small town set deep in the yawn of the Peace River Valley in Northern British
Columbia, and her life has been rich in music and wild places.

Feeding the wildfire of music within, since 2009 she has been recording, touring and
creating music with an eclectic mix of artists across Canada. Her album ‘Be the
Change’ and collaborations ‘Wildwood Soul’ and ‘The Golden hour’ reflect, in their
diversity, her deep respect for beauty in all its forms. With silky-sweet vocals and a
rich cast of instrumentals, her music feels like the fondest road trip memories, or lazy
days in the long grass; like a golden afternoon’s dreams.

Check out ellescriv on youtube to see Lorissa.



 Or listen to her sultry tunes on spotify and apple tunes!.