Kim Livingston

Kim Livingston was born and raised in small farming community of

Armstrong, British Columbia, and currently resides in Fort St John BC, with her two kids.

Her hand and heart crafted Jewlery company, Sand and Stone, was started when life had thrown a few lemons her way. 

She wasn't sure how she was going to be able to buy a double stroller for her son, let alone supplies to start this company.

She started Sand and Stone in 2011, while pregnant with her son and had her two year old running around like toddlers do. Never could she have imagined where shed be 10yrs later.

Thousands of cuffs sold, a trip to the Oscars, placements in Vanity Fair, GQ and an apparel line that sells out every launch! Plus she recently added her published book “There Is Something Beautiful In Everyday” to her never ending list of achievements!

Kim is all about cultivating love! Her social media accounts have exploded in the last couple years because people can not get enough of her authentic, heartfelt, contagious and often hilarious posts. Not to mention, Sand and Stone has raised over $40k for our local community! There is no telling how far this goddess will soar and we’re so honoured to have her inspirational words at our festival!