Elly Hamilton

Where the Wild Women Grow

Elly Hamilton’s is the brainchild behind this festival. Her passions are bringing women together and supporting women by helping them come back to their feminine power.

After her own life changing experiences of birthing her youngest two babies at home with only her husband in attendance, she was launched into a new world of what it means to be a wild woman!! She herself was birthed into the world of cyclical living, bodily autonomy, trusting Women’s intuition, and nurturing a deep relationship with Mother Earth.

She started Where The Wild Women Grow podcast in 2020 which showcases women who live authentic, nature based, or counter cultural lifestyles. She also is a postpartum doula, birth mentor, and women circle leader.

All in hopes to guide women back to trusting their bodies and intuition and remembering how POWERFUL and MAGICAL we all are! 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @wherethewildwomengrow