Release your inner goddess, join arms and howl at the moon.


Overflowing Cups

This gathering was exactly what we've all been craving in our hearts. A safe space for women to connect to themselves, each other, and our Momma Earth. 

Through workshops, strong female leadership and vulnerability we opened our hearts, moved our bodies, and healed what needed to be healed.  

Cups are overflowing after our weekend together, submerged deep in sacred sistership, held in a container of boreal forest!!! We did what women do best: we danced, created beautiful art, shared our hearts, laughed, cried, and held each other. We Embodied  instantaneous healing that happens when women gather. We were blessed with Momma Earth medicine, as we walked around barefoot, blessed with bear energy as one passed through camp and blessed with cleansing thunder showers each afternoon! Overwhelming joy, mixed with triumphant exhaustion are present now as we process and integrate the experiences from the weekend. 

Upcoming Event!

Harvest Moon Circle
Sept 10, 3:00 p.m.
Charlie Lake

Our Official
Event Photographer!

What an amazing job she did!

In true gemini nature Kalen Gettler is a woman who wears many hats; she is a photographer, a fitness instructor, a wife, a mother and host of the Strange Neighborhood Podcast.   She has always been interested in creative pursuits like jewelry making, painting, and pottery, and has only recently added photography to that list.  Kalen has a passion for boudoir photography and female portraiture, which feels like a natural progression from her past artworks of surreal female portrait paintings. 

Kalen caught the event as an intimate experience between us all. She captured our full emotion as we released, overcome and found balance and purpose. She watched friendships bloom as we held space for one another in this beautiful boreal beauty of a place.

Stay tuned as we add more and more photos to the gallery.

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